Youth Aspirations in Rural Areas

YouthAspirationRuralThis NFER Document examines the aspirations of young people in rural areas.

For example  it looks at the impact of transport difficulties, smaller employers often offering  low-skill jobs and a tendency to risk-aversion regarding personal  investment in education.

It also notes that, in general, examination results of rural students are better than their urban peers which leads to the unsurprising idea that the nature and support of the family is at least as much an issue as any rural – urban factor.

More recently (June2013) Ofsted have focused on the fact that rural (and coastal) areas often have a layer of underachieving white working class children that, unlike in cities,  teachers often have no idea how to deal with to raise aspirations and performance.

You can download a copy from here.

There is a similar document from DEFRA  called Barriers to Education, Employment and Training downloadable from here.

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