Recreation W.G.

The Recreation, Health and Leisure Working Group has a major part to play in our neighbourhood Plan.
Neighbourhood Planning is about buildings, landscape and spaces and currently the village does not have adequate spaces or has spaces that are in need of recofiguration in order to better meet the needs of the local community.
The topic of recreation is fraught with challenges. Additional recreation spaces have the need to acquire land that owners might be hoping will one-day get building planning permission with consequent exponential gains in value. Many ‘village Halls’ are run by long-standing Trusts who may need to be consulted about any changes. New developments are mired in a mass of legislation about provision of recreational spaces within the site – which are often responded to via a tick-box rather than needs-based approach.
So – we need to assess what is the actual need? What is the actual provision? How do these match up and what can we do, given funding from any new developments, to make thingsd better rather than worse?
The provision of Health services is an issue over which we actually have limited direct influence despite the existence of various consultation panels – but we can at least get some proper data about the capacity of the services within Bloxham and the local perception of the availability and quality of these. The vexed question of the Godswell pharmacy being unable to provide prescription medicines to Bloxham residents may be a huge irritation but there is nothing a neighbourhood plan is going to be able to do about this!
The footpaths around Bloxham fall jointly into this group and the infrastructure group and so there will be a need to lisiae on this topic.

You can see what residents suggested as issues here – but take that as a starter – not a constraint!

The current membership of the Recreation, Health and Leisure Working Group is:

Aplin Robert
Brounger Marina
Guard Carmen
Joiner Bob
Kipping Rupert
Long Juliet
Bee Myson
Rayner Melanie
Stevens Alison
Tillett Sarah
Tyrell David