Infrastructure W.G.

This group which has also subsumed traffic and transport is a vital aspect of the Neighbourhood Plan.
Many residents feel that the infrastructure is already stretched. There can be little doubt that this is correct when it comes to drainage of both surface water and sewage as flooding and sewage back-flow are recurring experiences in some areas of the village.
We also suffer from a very mediocre level of broadband service compared to many places including Deddington which is where broadband operates massively faster it does in Bloxham. Things like this pose a mejor impediment to business and home working.
Traffic and transport is a major issue. Whilst developers claim we are sustainable in that people can walk and cycle or bus to school, work and shops the reality is that we are not especially pedestrian friendly and cycling along the A361 can feel like cycling down the M1! There are also major impediments to traffic flow with recurring problems at the shops and the mini-roundabout.
So – what is the evidence-based situation regarding our infrastructure and how might we use any funding from developers be used to improve it?

You can see what residents suggested as issues here – but take that as a starter – not a constraint!

The members of this working group are currently:

Cozens Eleanor
Guzenda Ray
Keable David
Lawson Peter
Morris Mike
Reardon John
Stewart Craig
Yates David