Housing W.G.


This group is actually Housing and Landscape and the use of land to optimise these is the key part of what Neighbourhood Planning is about.

We need to show concern for the housing and economic needs of the village and then ensure that development appropriately prerserves the ‘sense of place’ of Bloxham as a Cotwold-edge village that has expanded considerably but that still – at the moment – retains a delightful medieval centre, one of the top 100 most beautiful churches in the country and (mostly) still pleasant landscape views both on the village entry routes and within the village itself.

You can see what residents suggested as issues here – but take that as a starter – not a constraint!

The membership of the group is currently:

Arden Lizzie
Baker Lucy
Clews Heather
Davy Mike
Dixey Andrew
Groves Mary
Holroyd Ian
Phipps Stephen
Seymour Pauline
Slater Sue
Timms Malcolm
Yates Jenny