Urban-Rural migration in the UK

In the UK house prices in rural villages can be much higher than in their neighbouring urban centres.
There isn’t much published on the reasons for this but the following seem to be generally agreed.

Who is moving to rural areas?

  • The most affluent and mobile people
  • Families with children (keen to avoid the possible disadvantages of city locations)

Factors which influence migration from urban to rural include

  • Traffic congestion
  • Pollution
  • Fear of Crime (muggings, burglary and car theft)
  • Rural dream (idea of the ‘rural idyll’ – pleasant surroundings, quiet etc.)
  • Estate Agents, housing developers etc. All encourage outward movement through new developments / building more houses and marketing these areas.
  • Technological change – fax, blackberry, email, phones,internet – led to growth of ‘teleworking’ or ‘electronic commuting’ (people working from home – encouraging rural living) and allow rural lifestyle without isolation
  • improvements in road / motorway networks and train serrvices

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