TRICS – Trip generation analysis

TRICSThis is the software used to generate the traffic information in the CRAITLUS report. i.e. The data is simulated not real.
Without knowing more about it we remain totally uncertain as to what parameters it takes account of and so whether it is reliable or not.
E.g. Does is have actual data for traffic flow rates along the A361 at rush hour? (I very much doubt it!)
Does it take account of the type of traffic and the nature (width) of the A361 through Bloxham? (I very much doubt it!)
The software is commercial and a licence costs £1.4K for one user so we would have to ask the supplier just what level of sophistication it offers and even then we cannot be sure what ‘settings’ the consultants (Halcrow Group Limited) actually used.
Given that developers use the CRAITLUS report as a key piece of evidence as to Bloxham sustainability it would be helpful to know just how good or ropey it is for the purpose to which it has been put.
You can see more about it by clicking here.

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