Traffic – unreported accidents

UnderReportingAccidentsThis comes from Road Safety Research Report No. 69  Under-reporting of Road. Casualties – Phase 1

STATS19 and A&E data were analysed for one hospital for the years 1996–2004.

The reporting rate to the police was calculated as ranging from 54% in 1996 to about 56% in 2004, although there was no systematic change in this rate. It has been possible to estimate reporting rates for different road user groups, with pedestrians and pedal cycles being well reported at about 70%, two-wheeled motor vehicles at about 60% and vehicle occupants at around 50%, making them the most underreported group at this hospital. In terms of age, the overall reporting rate was about 60%, but for 20–24-year-olds it was about 45%.

So basically when looking at accident statistics youshould think about doubling them to het the real number!


You can download the report here.

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