The BNDP Final Consultation



The Bloxham Neighbourhood Development Plan (BNDP) documents have now been accepted for Cherwell District Council (CDC.)

We expect CDC to publish information next week about how people and organisations can use this final opportunity to comment and we will then echo this across various Bloxham websites.


There have been significant changes as a result of the consultation last February with increased protection for the conservation area and various highly valued open-spaces and more general protection for the rural nature of our village.

Three major developments already have planning permission (Barford Rd, Milton Rd and Tadmarton Rd.) There is also an application for a fourth major development between the church and the Milton Rd which may or may not be given permission.

The BNDP is seeking to ensure that any further development is small in scale and pays proper regard to important elements of village infrastructure (such as school-places, traffic and parking, proper provision for pedestrians and mandatory inclusion of open-market downsize housing.)

What to do

If you agree with these aims then taking part in the consultation and saying what you especially agree with will help the Plan get through the subsequent examination process. As stated above – we’ll let you know how once CDC publish this.

Where can I see the Full Plan?

You can download a copy here. Just click on the first document graphic.


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