Sustrans Cycleway routes

Sustrans  is a charity focused upon encouraging sustainable transport.

It offers maps of cycle routes throughout the UK including Bloxham.  For example the two maps below are taken from the sustrans site.

Visit the sustrans site in order to access their maps which have more sophisticated zoom facilities than this site could offer.

Unfortunately the National cycleway routes does not dounle up as an effective cycle route to the Warriner School as in avoiding the narrow, lorry infested streets of the A361 it twice crosses this busy road which simply represents a swapping of risk factors for many parents.
For students living on the south-east of Bloxham the roads approaching the mini-roundabout and the Milton Rd junction are high-risk especially at time of year when the A361 heavy goods vehicles and scrap-yard lorries are added to by heavy agricultural vehicles.
There is no safe cycle-route from the St Mary’s church through to the estaes on the Milton or Barford Roads.

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