Publication version of the Plan – 19th Nov 2015 Update

  1. On August 3rd 2015 Bloxham Parish Council approved the Neighbourhood Plan subject to grammar and spelling checks and negotiations with Cherwell D.C. to provide a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) screening opinion.
  2. On 11th Aug 2015 members of BNDP worked with Cherwell District Council (CDC) to create an SEA screening opinion.
  3. On Friday 11th September 2015 the plan was submitted to Cherwell D.C.
  4. On 2nd Nov 2015 there was a meeting with CDC to discuss suggestions they had for making the plan less susceptible to challenge.
  5. These were addressed and the plan resubmitted to CDC for their opinion which was received on Mon 15th Nov 2015
  6. The updated plan was approved by the Parish Council on 17th Nov 2015.
  7. The updated plan was submitted to CDC on Thursday 19th Nov 2015 for publication.

The Plan

Here is the  publication version of the Plan along with other required and additional documents.
It should be read in conjunction with the Sustainability Report which is considered an Appendix to the plan.



Sustainability Report

BNDP Area Map


SEA Screening opinion

Consultation Statement

This sets out how we have consulted and how we have responded to that consultation.
The Consultation Statement basically summarises the pre-publication consultation process.
Appendix 1 provides the detailed comments of everyone who responded plus some fairly minor analysis.
Appendix 2 is little more than a “scrap-book diary” of the consultation process.
We also include an analysis of some of the questionnaires used in the earlier stages of the neighbourhood planning process and some basic notes about how we responded to the NPIERS ‘Health-check’


Consultation Statement Appendix 1

Consultation Statement Appendix 2

Combined Questionnaires

Response to Health Check

Working Group Reports

These form the main evidence base. They are documents that inform rather than define policies. They all emanate from working groups that have now ceased to exist but they remained living documents up to the time this plan was submitted.

They total over 400 pages and reference around 350 further documents that have been considered.
All hyperlinked references were ‘live’ at the time of writing but we do not have the capacity to continually check and update these.

Housing and Landscape Report

Infrastructure & Business Report

Recreation Report

Other Documents pertinent to in this report


The Parish Plan was relatively new when the neighbourhood planning process commenced. We make occasional reference to the data contained within it in some of the BNDP documents.

We have also drawn upon the content of the Cherwell DC Conservation Area Report and a number of specialist reports commisioned as part of this Plan




Local Plan Pt 1

A361 High-risk roads








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