Steering Group Notes 03- 18th July 2013

Notes –  Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group   July 18th   Bloxham Primary School 7:30 pm



Decisions / Actions

  • Jenny Yates ; John Groves; Mike Davy; Phil Cavill; Ray Guzenda; Steve Phipps
  • Geoff Mollard.   Nick Rayner,   Mike Morris,
Housing Need survey
  • The demographic data was much as people would have expected.
  • The village does have relatively few 20-30 year olds but the lack of take up of recent affordable housing suggests this is possibly mostly to do with people building their careers in metropolitan centres.
  • There is an undoubted skew to 4 (and  5) bedroomed houses and so a possible dearth of 2 and 3 bedroomed homes that people can afford to buy (as distinct from affordable houses which many locals would simply never have access to on a needs assessment basis!)


 Decision – to include questions on housing as part of a more general survey  but not run a separate housing need survey. 
Educational Planning
  • Basically the primary school is full and even with limited development other local villages may not gain access.
  • If the secretary of state approves Gladman and Frampton developments we are at risk of pupils from Bloxham being unable to gain access.
  • The secondary provision is probably adequate for Bloxham residents.
Not much we can do other than stay aware.Infrastructure group to liaise with schools on other issues (sharing resources, traffic synergies etc.) 


Village mapping and Design Statements
  • Housing Group is pushing ahead with this work . Will take until October
  • Vital it is also used to keep BNDP in the public eye.
  • Series of pop-up exhibitions planned at various events.
  • Major ‘Map display and questionnaire fore-runner’ exhibition around late October
Housing Group to push on with mapping and organising events
Flood –risk survey
  • Awaiting feedback from John Reardon
  • Not researched yet.
  • Results of Oxon Broadband project due in August
Recreational  and green spaces
  • The Green Spaces Review indicates we are not badly provided for in terms of the quantity of sports fields but low on green spaces and children’s play areas.
  • There is on-going concern about ‘over-localised’ play areas leading to a ghetto mentality rather than more cohesive communal areas.
  • We have substantial S106 funds. (Over £100K)
  • In the event we do need additional sports provision this requires extra land.
  • We have two ‘hubs’ of activity spaces at either end of the village one owned by the PC (Jubilee) and the other (The Rec.) bequeathed to the village but run by a Trust .
  • Discussions are also planned regarding shared use of school sports facilities.
  • The PC clearly cannot invest large sums of public money into land it doesn’t own without very substantial open and long-term guarantees. They are engaged in discussions around these topics.


The 106 funds are not in imminent danger of being lost if unspent but it would be sensible to have a strategy this financial year.The recreation working group to continue work identifying need from various organisations. Also to compile the availability of non-PC  resources.Work on identifying land is on-hold pending SoS decision outcome.


The above data to inform PC decisions on 106 spending



  • Geoff Botting (Woodcote) booked for 10th September.


Meeting structure TBA with GB but propose Presentation + breakout groups to formulate questions + questions.  (GB has agreed to all this.)JG will need some help from SGp running the evening. (registering attendance, welcoming etc.)
General The programme is looking like this-          Summer  / early autumn– pop-up exhibitions at events

  • –          September 10th  Talk – probably at Bloxham Mill on Woodcote NDP
  • –          October  Housing Group Mapping completed
  • –          Late Oct /Early Nov – Whole village Map exhibition and prompted questions to inform questionnaire
  • –          November Construction of questionnaire ready for use.
Each WGp to consider possible content for pop-up exhibitions and emerging questions for questionnaire.May need a separate group working on the questionnaire?
Date of next Meeting Sept 17th    Keremma   7:30 pm

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