Steering Group Notes – 7th May 2013

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Topic Discussion Action
Present Mike Davy (MD)  Mike Morris(MM)  Steve Phipps(SP)  Ray Guzenda (RG) Rodney Kane(RK) Phil Cavil (PC) Jenny Yates (JY) Nick Rayner(NR) Geoff Mollard (GM)  John Groves (JKG)
  • Stall Booked to replace Drop-in at exSMH
  • Leaflets – 1000 double-sided color
JKG – set up.  Jim G – be there am.  Geoff M – come along.Ray G to arrange printing
Local Plan and NDP in general
  • Housing Need Survey(HNS)
JKG – find HNS examples to modify for our need.JKG – Investigate whether HNS advice available elsewhere.
  • Infrastructure limitations
Need to get clearer picture of demand & capacity across village
  • Local Plan 96 over 16 villages
Comply with LP requirement or exceed LP according to HNS findings.
  • What data is available from CDC
  • View to be informed by CDC data but needs to reflect Parish aspirations.
JKG – contact CDC w.r.t. sharing of SHLAA background data.Heather & Michael Clews offer of assistance to be followed up.
Working Groups

  1. House & Landscape
  2. Recreation
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Business
  5. Education
  • Initially 5 groups
  • Business Group not separately viable
JKG – contact members to move to other groups
  • Education Group – hard to fit land-focus but engaging young people vital – see later
JKG – contact members to shift focus to community engagement – esp. of young people.
W.Gp. House & Landscape

  1. Housing Need Survey
  2. Visual Impact Assessments
  3. Design Statement


  • Not clear how much detail needed for NP but will be valuable to PC anyway.
If decision to just deliver L.P minimum use data to update Parish Plan
  • Housing Needs Survey


JKG – investigate online questionnaires & Adderbury experienceWGp – create Housing Needs Questionnaire for S.Gp. approval
  • Landscape & Visual Impact
WGp – consider what scope project is achievable
  • Design Statement
JKG – investigate possibility & cost of some consultancy help
W.Gp Recreation

  1. Rec.Needs survey
  2. S106 money


  • Recreation Needs Survey (RNS)
JKG – contact Phil Rolls at CDC to check-out any approved methods
  • Recreation Ground needs investment to improve use.  S106 Money investment feasible given the right discussion framework?
PC – contact Chair of Trust (Sarah T)  on ways to enable outcomes that take account of coming RNS and of need for PC accountability for potentially large investment.
WGp Infrastructure1. Traffic
  • A number of traffic surveys now available.
  • Can we get money to obtain more complete picture?
WGp – identify other ‘hotspots’WGp – use surveys to ‘map’ traffic issues w.r.t. possible new devlopmentJKG – attempt to get money for consultancy.
  1. Flooding & sewage
  • Flood risk areas on CDC maps don’t reflect the reality esp of run-off flooding
  • Can we get money for consultancy to provide professional statements?
WGp – checkout the many CDC / OCC Flooding documentsGLS – share knowledge / resources of Flood Group with WGp.JKG – attempt to get money for consultancy to provide village statement
WGp – EducationInvestigate widening brief.
  • Difficult to find land-based issues relating to education that aren’t covered by other groups but engaging everyone  inc. young people is pivotal
JKG –  consult with group as to whether they might extend their brief to look at involving young people but also developing materials and strategies to communicate with all residents.
  • Limits to what we can actively  do about pupil place plans
WGp – Establish contacts at the Warriner and Primary school who can alert us to any changes in pupil place plans and their implications.WGp – consider things like ‘My Bloxham’ photo competition or ‘Bloxham mapped exhibitions’ etc. etc. as ways of both collecting information from and communicating to residents.
GeneralNot reinventing wheel
  • How did others do it?
JKG to see if we can get Geoff Botting from Woodcote to offer a talkJKG – investigate whether Brookes can help.
Getting W Gps up and running
  • Need to start soon
  • A member of steering group to call first meeting. Need not necessarily be WGp chairperson IF can guarantee good communication with that chairperson
JKG to liaise and send out separate info on this.
  • Bloxham Broadsheet – to get a regular entry into this
  • Websites – regularly updated content
  • Posters – Hold off the rebranding until we have something to say but for the time being Keep Bloxham Rural is the key message. Move this to the Build your Future approach. Your Village your Choice
Steering group and Education and Resident Engagement Group
Meeting Schedule
  • Try for Steering Group meeting 2nd Tuesday of each Month.
Next Meeting 11th June 2013

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