Early thoughts – Recreation, Health & Leisure

Remember the Neighbourhood Plan is essentially about land,building and accompanying infrastructure:funding and development go hand in hand!
Some things here might become an appendix or attachment rather than core content of the N.P.



Also remember that
Baseline information on outdoor spaces:

  • Do we have an up-to-date directory making clear ALL the available indoor and outdoor spaces and the contact person is?
  • Some organisations have premises too small for their expanding membership. What opportunities does this offer for ‘blue-sky’ thinking about land and recreation spaces?
  • Is there any appetite for considering selling land from one or more existing indoor spaces to fund or jointly fund something better?
  • Is there the possibility of greater shared use of any indoor or outdoor spaces
  • ThereĀ  seems to be thoughts about creating a more flexible internal space in St Mary’sĀ  church. What opportunities might this open up?
  • What is the recommended level of sports pitches for the population of our village? Do we meet these recommendations?
  • Is there land suitable for expanding sports and recreation spaces close to the village?
  • The Parish Council are in the process of adopting the Slade nature reserve. How best to use it?
  • What about sports and exercise for older folks? How well are they provided for?
  • What about ‘open-air gyms’ in some of the spaces?
  • There seems to be an obligation to add ‘play areas to every new estate which is giving rise tospaces that are neither attractive nor encouraging of exercise. Is there any way of ensuring new developments contribute more to larger community spaces?
  • People have asked about access to Warriner swimming pool but how realistic especially when there is public access to Bloxham School pool?
  • Some people think a village this size should have public tennis courts. Where would they go?
  • Some youngsters have asked for a skate park – but these are noisy Where would it go?
  • There are recurring requests for allotments. Is there local land that any owners would release for this?
  • Bloxham has no cricket club because of problems with nearby housing. Where could one go?
  • Do we have an up-to-date directory of the many clubs and societies in the village?
  • Do we have good information about public footpaths near Bloxham and what are the impediments to navigating the footpaths around Bloxham
  • How might improving any of the above fit with a land-based Neighbourhood Plan?
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Blox_Bowling The Slade01
Blox_Jubilee01 exSMH
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We are luckyto have a health centre within the village and it is unlikely our Neighbourhood Plan can have much impact on the level of services. However. it is still an important factor when considering the sustainability of the village as a location for development and so some baseline data would be helpful.
The inability of patients to collect prescriptions at the dispensary may be a great irritation but again realistically that is not something we are going to change!


    • Are there capacity indicator statistics for Bloxham surgery and Bloxham Dental Practice?
    • What are the travel times to the Horton and to the Radcliffe hospitals
      • By car
      • By public transport
      • By ambulance

Walking and cycling are also elements of a healthy lifestyle. Lisie with Infrastructure group on this one.

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