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Bloxham Primary School

Remember the Neighbourhood Plan is essentially about land, building and accompanying infrastructure.
Although some things here might become an appendix or attachment rather than core N.P. content we do need a get hard evidence of the capacity situation to contribute to realistic sustainability assessments.

  • Is  OCC have pupil place plans incorporate up to date demographic data for Bloxham and surrounding villages in the catchment area?
  • How does OCC carry out ‘scenario planning’ where new developments are proposed? What formula do they use to account for potential new-build?
  • Will BPS accommodate all the likely students primary age students living in Bloxham in the coming 10 years?
  • Who owns land adjacent to the school and have Oxfordshire C.C. investigated the possibility of purchase?
  • What is OCC policy on expanding Bloxham Primary school to meet need?
  • If the OCC strategy is to transport additional pupils  to Deddington or Hook Norton then we need to untick the loe carbon-footprint sustainability tickbox on this one.
  • Do the state schools,(primary and secondary) have the  capacity to accommodate the children of the village.
  • Parking problems at ‘drop-off and collect’ times give rise to significant traffic problems along the Tadmarton Road and Courtington Avenue. If money associated with additional housing became available what solutions or partial solutions might there be?
  • The addition of a sixth form to the Warriner School is welcomed but what steps will be taken to ensure this does not lead to student parking and congestion issues in nearby streets?
  • Is there any scope for greater sharing of facilities between schools and the community?
  • Can we engage the students in ‘Like and dislike’ activities regarding their village to involve them in the N.P.
  • Could we work with students to create ‘their’  questionnaire  which we would then put online for them to answer and process.
  • Having participated in ‘their’ questionnaire might they then be able to help mum, dad and gran and grandad  tackle an online questionnaire – maybe even at the school?
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