Early Thoughts – Business and Economy Group

Remember the Neighbourhood Plan is essentially a document about land and building and accompanying infrastructure. Some things here might become an appendix or attachment.

  • What is the baseline situation regarding businesses in Bloxham? (How many and what type, etc) i.e.Create a database of all businesses operating out of Bloxham whether in specialist accommodation or home-based.
  • What, if any, support structures or networking exists within the Bloxham Business community? Investigate whether there is scope for a Bloxham Business Club to accumulate and share expertise and information pertinent to Bloxham SMEs
  • Are there pertinent government incentives that local businesses are unaware of?
  • How will we further develop diverse, vibrant and sustainable businesses within the village?
  •  What infrastructure improvements would help businesses stay viable and expand?
  • Are there accommodation issues that prevent existing Bloxham businesses expanding?
  • Research what facilities would enable more effective home-working and seek to specify incorporation of these into new family homes.
  • Investigate whether there are sites where creation of new small business units or expansion of existing business units is feasible without damaging the character of the village.
  • Are there further ways we can attract high-tech start-up companies to Bloxham?
  • How can we help residents develop appropriate new ‘employability skill-sets?’
  •  Are there ways we can help market Bloxham businesses to local residents?
  • The existing retail area offers nightmare parking!  Are there ways of improving the parking arrangements here and if not should we be seriously contemplating allowing shops elsewhere in the village?
  • Investigate the feasibility of extending the Friday Country Market or the Saturday Warriner Farm shop to encourage other local producers to offer goods or produce
  • How can Bloxham support and contribute to the CDC Local Plan and The ‘Cherwell Sustainable Community Strategy?”
  • What actions should we take to encourage increased economic activity?
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Is there gold in Bloxham Mill?

Genuine rainbow photo – Is there gold in Bloxham Mill?

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