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Remember the plan is predominantly about land, new developments and sustainability.

Also remember that sustainability includes economic, environmental and social considerations and that this last mentioned includes our historic environment and cultural wellbeing. To quote from the NPPF, “ – buildings, landscapes, towns and villages – can better be cherished if their spirit of place thrives, rather than withers.” Certainly a significant driving force for creating this N.P. echoes that last quote rather than a simple pre-occupation with housing numbers.
Consequently some groups  may find themselves specifying overarching design and landscape principles. Others will be more concerned with rather more detailed work on identifying specific sites or  seeking genuinely sustainable infrastructure solutions.

  • What additional volunteers do we need to plug any gaps in expertise or representation?
  • The Guiding Principles should apply to all new developments. Do they need need modifying or adding to ?
  • Are there pieces of land around the village that are so important to the village that they should simply never be built upon?
  • Remembering that we already have a mixed housing stock can be insist upon certain enforceable overarching principles of landscape and design?
  • What issues have been raised in your topic area by the ideas boards, the Parish Plan etc?
  • What ideas can we get from other NPs especially those that are more advanced than ours?
  • What other issues spring to mind that are within the sphere of influence of an N.P.?
  • Will you get whole village support identifying this as a real need?
  • All NP policies need to be firmly evidence based. Where is the hard-edged data to support the need for action?
  • Does the 2010 Parish Plan contain relevant data?
  • Does any organisation have an existing duty to provide for any of the identified deficits irrespective of development or could we more powerfully lobby for these improvements?
  • Is there more than one practicable solution to any of the issues?
  • Which solutions offer the most sustainable  outcomes?
  • What are the relative costs of the alternative solutions?’
  • What are the outcomes of a SWOT analysis of pros and cons of the alternatives?
  • So –  do you now have  evidence based, alternative solutions you can put to the village?
  • Will you get whole village support that this is a real need with at least one of your solutions?
  • How can we turn your findings into a questionnaire to the whole village?
  • Help with whole NP questionnaire design, implementation and processing.
  • Help put together Draft NP.
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Footnote – it has been said that people living in the new developments have been made to sign that they will not object to any further developments. We need to check if this is correct and if so whether it is legal as it could obviously skew any new Parish questionnaire data if we are considering site allocations. It sounds highly unlikely to comply with EU Human Rights Law!

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