Referendum – all the NP documents!


We know most residents will be content to look though the plan itself – but for those who like to see the detail – here are all the documents you could possibly ask for!

Cherwell D.C. have published the date of the Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum which will take place on 3rd November 2016.
You can find out about the arrangements from the the C.D.C. Information Statement below.
You can also download the Plan itself along with a host of other mandatory and ancilliary documents prepared in the course of creating the plan.

The initial links are to the Cherwell website but most have  a “or click here” backup stored on a Bloxham site.

Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan


pdf_Logo Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan Information Statement (434kb)   or click here

pdf_Logo Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version (4.5Mb) or   click here

pdf_Logo Decision Statement (149kb)  or click here

pdf_Logo  Independent Examiner’s Report (391kb)  or click here

pdf_Logo  Representations to the Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan (261kb)

pdf_Logo  Notice of Referendum (61kb)  or click here

pdf_Logo Referendum Result


pdf_Logo  Independent Examiner’s Report (391kb)  or click here

Regulation 16 Representations

pdf_Logo  Representations

Submission Documents

pdf_Logo Public Notice (221kb)  or click here

pdf_Logo Response Form (151kb)  or click here

pdf_Logo Bloxham Submission Neighbourhood Plan (2.7Mb)  or click here

pdf_Logo  Area Map (431kb)  or click here

pdf_Logo Basic Conditions Statement (1.0Mb) or click here

pdf_Logo SEA Screening Opinion (462kb)   or click here

pdf_Logo  Appendix 1 Sustainability Report (1.9Mb) or click here

pdf_Logo Consultation Statement Main Document (981kb)  or click here

pdf_Logo  Consultation Statement Appendix 1 (969kb) or click here
pdf_Logo  Consultation Statement Appendix 2 (2.5Mb) or click here

Area Application

pdf_Logo  Bloxham area application (234kb)  or click here

pdf_Logo  Bloxham area designation letter (43kb)  or click here

pdf_Logo Bloxham area application consultation responses (172kb)  or click here

Other supporting documents

NPIERS HealthCheck

Before formally submitting the plan it was subjected to an NPIERS healthcheck.  The link is to a copy that includes the consequent action taken to address any criticisms.

pdf_Logo   NPIERS Healthcheck

Background Reports

The reports that follow are not part of the submitted plan. They summarise much of the information gleaned by various working groups and others during plan creation. Their content is extensive and whilst much of it informs the final plan not every paragraph within will necessarily represent the views of the Steering Group.
pdf_Logo  Housing and Landscape Report

pdf_Logo  Infrastructure and Business Report

pdf_Logo  Recreation and Leisure Report

Connectivity Reports

The connectivity reports that follow indicate significant connectivity deficits affecting the village of Bloxham. Both are from independent sources.
A Sustrans report was commisioned for the Neighbourhood Plan and offers the best available survey of internal village connectivity.
A report by the Road Safety Foundation ranks the A361, the main access route to the village, as the 8th most dangerous road in the UK.

There is also much about connectivity in the Infrastructure and Business Report above.

pdf_Logo   Walking and Cycling in Bloxham

pdf_Logo   RSF: How much do road crashes cost where you live?

pdf_Logo  CrashMap – Bloxham

Recreation Facilities Report

This report from The Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association examines the recreational facilities situation within the village and makes some suggestions for ways forward.

pdf_Logo    OPFA: Planning for Future Recreational Facilities in Bloxham

The Conservation Area

Protection and enhancement of the conservation area is central to the Plan and policies draw heavily upon the Cherwell D.C. report below.

pdf_Logo   Bloxham Conservation Area Appraisal

Bloxham Parish Plan

Published in 2010 the Parish Plan, despite it’s different overall focus,  acted as a starting point for development of the Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan.

pdf_Logo    Bloxham Parish Plan

Bloxham Resident Survey

Several surveys were carried out as part of the plan. Whilst some were carried out online or by members of the NP team the report below and its appendix are the result of a  Neighbourhood Plan  Resident Survey commisioned by the NP Steering Group and conducted totally independently by Oxfordshire Rural Community Council.

pdf_Logo    ORCC Resident Survey

pdf_Logo    ORCC Resident Survey Appendix

Bloxham Hedgerow Survey

Although now rather dated (1995-98) this offers some useful insights with regard to the conservation of hedgerows, ridge & furrow fields etc.

pdf_Logo  Bloxham Parish Council Parish Conservation Plan 1995-98: hedgerows

Bloxham Archaelogical and Heritage Data

This offers a brief account of data gleaned entirely from secondary sources – mostly Oxfordshire County Council

pdf_Logo    Bloxham Archaelogical and Heritage Data



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