Pop-up Exhibition – What you told us

pop-upQuestionnaireHousingOver 60 people people dropped in to this Saturday (12th Oct 2013) morning exhibition at the ex-Servicemen’s Hall to discuss progress we are making with the Neighbourhood Plan and offer their own views and feed-back. Click on the graphic for the questionnaire.
Forty one completed a brief questionnaire setting out what they think is important in terms of appropriate content for a design statement – sometimes completely straying into other areas that they feel very strongly about – not least the traffic situation which the secretary of state recently curtly dismissed saying that Oxfordshire County Council have a solution for it! (Pray what? Please share it with us!)

Everyone was generally positive about the need for the village to move forward with the Neighbourhood Plan and from those choosing to complete questionnaires there was a remarkably high 98.7% agreement with the proposals relating to a design statement.
I’m afraid we don’t have photos of the busier times as N.P. volunteers were themselves too busy engaging with residents to be messing around with cameras – however here are a few shots of the less busy moments.

The free-response sections of the questionnaires echoed what we were repeatedly told verbally and they contained a very high degree of consistency as to what people wanted (greenery, adequate space, proper gardens, proper parking, materials in keeping with the specific area of the village, bungalows and no more big estates) and with what they didn’t want (more off-the-peg urban designs with negative visual impact and trendy but ineffective parking that pretended we had urban levels of transport services under-rating the absolute necessity of two cars for many working households.)
Almost 100% of residents mentioned traffic issues – which was not the particular object of this exhibition! As if to confirm the truth of their utterances a gargantuan farm vehicle tried, painfully slowly, to negotiate the busy shopping area raising the level of chaos even a notch or two higher than what we have come to consider as normal!
You can see a distillation of residents ‘free-response’ comments below. We have tried to shorten them enough to fit into a table without losing the gist of things. (We have retained all the orginals.)


Percentage agreement with design statements What do you like about where you live now? What would you like to see incorporated into any new development? What would you like to see avoided in any new development?
100 Age and sense of ‘village’ Access to footpaths No cramped high-density housing.
100 Character and conservation status Use of sympathetic mbuilding materials Rows of identical houses
100 Character of streets in conservation area Stone, styles in keeping
100 Character, proper size gardens Bigger gardens, energy efficient eco homes even if modern Hideous mixes of materials, estates looking the same as every other, cul-de-sacs
100 Community feel, excellent doctors facility In style with existing style of dwellings High-density developments,more shops and businesses
100 Community feel, nearby services, Plan how to get bins from garden to collection Lack of off-street parking
100 Community feel, nearby services, Plan how to get bins from garden to collection Lack of off-street parking
100 Conservation area More green space. Adequate parking space for working families Ghetto style estates, unsympathetic design and materials especially in the conservation area
100 Conservation area and community events Green areas, trees No flats!
89 Country feel in conservation area Keep it green Don’t make it urban
100 Country feel, open space Green areas, small developments, trees Big housing estates. Keep it small
100 Green areas & trees Green areas
100 Landscape views of church & village More bungalows No more high-density hosuing estates
100 Low density housing, community feel, green spaces, off-road parking 2 off-road parking spaces per house, green space Anything the developers themselves wouldn’t like next to them! Insulting lip-service play-areas, box-like high density estates that will become the slums of tomorrow.
78 Parking Village feel No more traffic
100 Quiet but easy access to main road Keep within existing style of that area Big developments, urban styles
100 Quiet friendly,close to services Not serried ranks of identical houses
100 Quiet, near facilities Green areas, play areas Flats
100 Quietness, views of spire, recreation space, coherence of style, lack of traffic Maintain and improve the rec and the slade No urban developments, no developments without pledge to improve existing infrastructure: roads, electricity etc.
100 Rural atmosphere of village centre
100 Rural character
100 Rural feel if i’d wanted to live in a town i’d have moved to one! Space, sense of neighbourhood Lack of parking, high density, buildings out of character
100 Sense of community, view of church, nearby park, front garden with off-street parking space. Proper size gardens, safe walk to schools Anything that requires attenuation ponds! Land that ruins the views of others, estates that exit onto busy roads where there are already traffic flow problems
100 Sufficient space, quiet
100 The range of different house types Brick boxes
100 Trees, access to countryside on foot Views, access to countryside, general look and feel No more commuter traffic – but with very few jobs in Bloxham how can this be achieved!
100 Unspoiled No jarring contrasts Innappropriate building materials
78 View of bloxham school
100 View of fileds Green spaces maintained wherever possible
100 Views of bloxham school Use of stone and or matching brick Little box’ estates
100 Views of green fields Buildings with character Standard ‘cad’ boxes – just like those everywhere else.
100 3 bed spacious bungalows with proper gardens for empty-nesters and rural feel with off-road parking. No more 2 bed terraced houses, no more houses with inadequate parking
100 Front and back gardens not overlooked Should not be more than 2 storey high
89 Gardens No more ugly houses
100 Slow down and reduce traffic No more traffic on a361
100 Unspoiled, nice gardens front & back, off-road parking at the house High quality infill, real not reconstituted stone, traditional roof materials Embargo on: ‘town-coloured’ materials, inadequate parking, any more large scale developments – stick to local plan allocation

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