Neighbourhood Plan with Cherwell D.C.

Update – Cherwell have responded and ae liaising with Bloxham PC upon the way forward.

The Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Cherwell District Council 1011 days ago.

Many of you will know that the Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan was approved by the Parish Council at their meeting on 3rd August 2015 subject to provision of one important additional piece of evidence. This evidence was assembled with the help of Cherwell District Council (CDC) and the plan was subsequently submitted to them on Friday 11th September 2015

Numerous people have since enquired whether the final consultation has now commenced. We understand the sense of urgency of the many residents who have contributed to our plan. However, its publication is in the hands of CDC who are required to check it’s compliance before organising:

  1. publication and a six week consultation for anyone to have their final say
  2. examination by an extenal examiner – and if it passes
  3. a referendum of the village

As soon as CDC provide information about the likely dates for these stages we will let you know.
You can read any of the final (publication version) documents of the Neighbourhood Plan by downloading them from here.

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