Paths 4 Communities


Paths for Communities is a £2M funding scheme set up to develop and enhance the network of Public Rights of Way (PROW) in England in order to deliver benefits to rural areas. Local community partnerships are eligible to bid to Natural England for funds.

The aim of P4C is to encourage and support local communities to work with land owners to make improvements to the network of Public Rights of Way. In all cases P4C projects must include some element of new Public Right of Way creation. In most cases projects will include an element of new Bridleway creation but projects that include Footpath creation alone will also be considered where community and economic benefit can be demonstrated.

  • Applicants for P4C grant should also consider how to secure:
  • Improvements to existing Public Rights of Way that encourage use by a wider range of people with different needs (e.g. improved accessibility for wheelchairs and pushchairs, benches for elderly);
  • Improvements to the network to increase the opportunity for access on foot, cycle or horse and to widen the appeal to visitors and residents;
  • Promotion of the improved network to encourage more use and better support for local services such as shops, pubs, hotels, bed and breakfasts, attractions and cycle and equestrian businesses;
  • Better integration with public transport services and links to popular destinations.

The P4C scheme is competitive and we anticipate that the £2 million available will be fully committed before next summer. So despite the high quality of the applications we are receiving, not all will be fortunate to receive a grant award.

You can find out more here  at the P4C site.

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