Parking standards – change of policy

Changes to the Central Government View.
parkingAfter the pre-publication consultation but before the final submission a ministerial announcement seems to represent re-think on maximum parking standards for all the reasons we have been arguing for the past 2 years. A news article entitled, “More parking for new homes will end vicious cycle of clogged up streets ” in August 2014 called upon councils to ensure more parking spaces be provided alongside new homes.
In March 2015 Parking a ministerial statement noted, “ parking standards are covered in paragraph 39 of the NPPF. The following text now needs to be read alongside that paragraph: “Local planning authorities should only impose local parking standards for residential and non-residential development where there is clear and compelling justification that it is necessary to manage their local road network.


Pickles calls for More Parking for new homes
Planning Update March 2015

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