Oxon Rights of Way Improvement Plan


You can download this from here.

Its aims and objectives are:

Public rights of way are protected and well maintained

  • Outcome 1: All public rights of way to be recorded, available and unobstructed
  • Outcome 2: All public rights of way to be well maintained and well marked

A better joined-up network that meets the needs and demands of users whilst accommodating the interests of land managers, the natural environment and our cultural heritage

  • Outcome 3: Detailed knowledge of the extent and adequacy of the public rights of way network for each type of user in relation to settlements, facilities and attractions
  • Outcome 4: Increased understanding of the needs, demands and satisfaction with the current and future public rights of way network
  • Outcome 5: Additions that complete disjointed networks, provide access to and from settlements and attractions, and provide alternatives to road use

A public rights of way network which enables access for all

  • Outcome 6: Local rights of way are made as accessible as possible whilst balancing the needs of current and future land and livestock management.
  • Outcome 7: Farmers and land managers support making the countryside more accessible

A thriving countryside where residents and visitors are able to understand and enjoy their rights, in a responsible way

    • Outcome 8: Promoted routes, on and off-site information, websites and activities provide comprehensive information and guidance for increased and sustainable access to the countryside
    • Outcome 9: Public rights of way and countryside access contribute directly to a thriving local community

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