OCC Pupil Place Plans to 2016/17


Two things of particular pertinence are:

  1. planning and catchment areas.
  2. admission policies

Pupil place planning is hugely important regarding our Neighbourhood Plan.
To what extent the calculations take account of the new estates, let alone any additional one, needs investigating as does the sustainability and carbon-costs of any plans that entail transporting young people from Bloxham, or indeed those who have traditionally come to Bloxham, to schools elsewhere in the county.

  • Click here or on the above on the graphic to start finding the answers to this.
  • If you want to know more about their methodology you can find it here
  • For more about place planning data – including how building developments are taken account of click¬† here.
  • Should you want to take a look at National trends then data on this can be found here.

Because of the extra freedoms accorded to schools over the past few years you are strongly advised to check that the following documents do actually  apply to the schools in Bloxham

Note this paragraph in the Pupil place planning document.

There has been a steady increase in demand for primary school places in the (Bloxham) partnership due to demographic trends and smaller scale local developments. Despite the recent
expansion of Bloxham Primary School, the overall level of spare places at primary schools in this partnership is forecast to remain well below the county council’s target, and forecasts
do not include proposed but not yet permitted housing developments across villages in this area. The proposed Free School at Upper Heyford may reduce pressure on some schools in
this area. The county council seeks to commission an additional 0.5-1 forms of entry in this area, or neighbouring schools, to relieve existing pressure and meet the demand from any
additional housing growth. As some schools in this area share catchments, such expansion is not always at the nearest school to the housing development, as it can sometimes be
more effective to expand an alternative school in order to relieve pressure at the school designated for the housing.

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