Superfast Broadband for Bloxham

Fibre-OpticYou can read a fuller printable report on Bloxham Broadband – present and future by clicking here

What’s happening?

Oxfordshire is investing extra money into the local communications infrastructure to ensure the county is not disadvantaged by slow internet access.

The money

£13.86 million is being invested in Oxfordshire to provide better broadband. £10 million of that is coming from Oxfordshire County Council and £3.86 million from Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK). We are also seeking contributions from the private sector.

The schedule

Delivery will be carried out in defined phases i.e. geographical areas of the county, over a two-year period commencing January 2014 although considerable ground survey work will be underway in advance of that in 2013.

The general outcome

Without intervention, approximately one third of the county would not expect to receive ‘superfast’ broadband speeds.

After the investment an additional 64,000 homes and businesses will see significant improvements in speeds, exceeding 24Mbps.  For 100% of homes and businesses in the county, broadband speeds will reach a minimum of 2Mbps.

The outcome for Bloxham?

Bloxham falls within the areas for planned optic fibre roll-out before 2015.

This should hopefully place us in a similar situation to Deddington offering broadband speeds of between 24 and 76Mbps.


You can read a report on Bloxham Broadband – present and future byclicking here

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