Oxfordshire Broadband decision by August.

happy_computerThe following contains extracts of a public announcement from the Oxfordshire Broadband Project:
We are now very close to completing our broadband investment contract. We are in the final stages of negotiation and expect things to wrap up for the end of July. We know how frustrating the wait has been for our broadband champions, but the end is in sight.The Council is confident that we will meet our programme objectives that at least 90% of premises (homes and businesses) will have 24Mbps (Superfast Broadband speeds) or more and at least 2Mbps (Basic Broadband) will be available to everybody else. This £13.86 Million investment translates to an additional 65,000+ premises across the county receiving ‘superfast’ broadband that otherwise would not.
The progress of the County Council’s procurement and final contract is subject to the close scrutiny and approval by the national program, Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) but we anticipate that this will be completed at the end of July.
We expect delivery will be carried out in defined phases i.e. geographical areas of the county, over a 2 year period commencing January 2014 although considerable ground survey work will be underway in advance of that in 2013.
The bottom line is that we’ll be in a position for public announcements in late July or early August latest and we are confident that we’ll achieve our objectives on county-wide coverage.
The Council Advises to Hold Back on Alternative Community Broadband Ventures

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