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This was a meeting aimed specifically at certain people rather than a whole village event. Over 30 volunteers gathered at Bloxham Mill last night (Tuesday 5th March 2013) to take the next steps towards a Neighbourhood Plan and several who couldn’t attend emailed suggestions and information to the NP coordinator.
As well as clarifying what aspects of the plan people want to be involved with the group also did some preliminary thinking about what the plan might contain and how best to engage people from across the village.
The information collected on the night is currently being collated and those present will receive an email setting out the way forward once we have also managed to consulyt with the many other volunteers.

One resident emphasized how important it is to communicate what a Neighbourhood plan is and so here is a first effort at this!

What’s a Neighbourhood Plan?

Nothing stands still and Bloxham will inevitably continue to develop whether we wish it to or not.

  • A Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document that sets out how residents want the village to develop over the coming 10 or so years.
  • It’s mostly about the use of land to provide appropriate types and styles of houses and businesses but is also about linking development to positive outcomes for utilities, schools, health and recreation.
  • With a Neighbourhood Plan – although we must still accommodate the minimum number of new homes specified in the Cherwell Local Plan – we can specify a cap on numbers and have a considerable say as to the nature, style and impact of new developments.
  • Without a Neighbourhood Plan we are basically entrusting Cherwell District Council and developers to shape the future of our village.

A neighbourhood plan belongs to all residents so be sure to have your say. Please use the comment boxes below to say what you think we should include in the plan.
I’m afraid the comments won’t appear immediately as – regrettably – experience shows they have to be moderated to protect the site from spammers trying to advertise their sometimes dubious goods!

If you are interested in helping with the plan I will soon be attaching a form to this article where you can learm more and volunteer. We need everything from specialists to general helpers!

Some of those who the volunteered to help with the Neighbourhood Plan
Tuesday 5th March 2013 at Bloxham Mill

Stop Press
This is no longer available on i-Player
The Upper Eden Community Plan received the backing of Eden District Council in Cumbria August 2012 and today (Thur 7th March 2013) it will be the subject of the first Neighbourhood planning referendum in the UK.The Today program also carried a discussion of the problems of speculative developers taking advantage of a window of opportunity where councils didn’t have a Local Plan in place. You can listen it by going to BBC i-Player and dragging the slider to somewhere around 10 minutes from the end of the programme.

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