NP Meeting Outcomes – 2nd Dec 2011

A meeting was held on the 2nd December 2011 at the Jubilee Park Hall to which all residents were invited to discuss the potential of Bloxham Village having a Neighbourhood Development Plan in line with the National Planning Framework (as proposed by the Government).

15 residents attended the meeting, the following comments were raised in response to the topic headings (a complete record of everyone’s comments will be tabled at the next meeting) :-

ECONOMY – How would you like the village to be improved?

  • Shops built alongside new developments, cuts carbon and eases congestion, reduces parking requirements.
  • Weight restrictions on HGV that use the A361.
  • A bank, a butcher & a baker.

What are the barriers to Growth and Sustainability for local business?

  • Space to develop.
  • Traffic flow & parking.
  • Apparent shortage of local people securing local jobs.

What type of jobs should be encouraged in the village?

  • Jobs for villagers, how about shops where staff live over the shop.
  • Jobs that generate gross national product.

COMMUNITY – What health services are important locally?

  • Ability to pick up medicine from surgery rather than just prescription.
  • GP’s surgery for all residents.

What do we lack in our village?

  • New village hall/centre to accommodate local clubs, classes, theatre & parties, with adequate parking.
  • Shops, more small businesses.

What are the main issues concerning education in our village.

  • All schools are full.
  • Roads accident waiting to happen, especially Courtington Lane/Tadmarton Road due to overcrowded roads, lack of care by drivers using these roads and parking when dropping off and collecting pupils.
  • 6th Form College for Warriner.

TRANSPORT – How should we improve our public transport?

  • Perhaps smaller buses on a more regular basis.
  • Increased bus service to enable residents to use public transport to go to Banbury, Chipping Norton and Oxford in the evening and weekends.
  • Bus in morning between Chipping Norton and Banbury is full, not even standing room for school kids, need an increased service.
  • Flexible enough public transport, getting to Oxford, Witney, Deddington, requires tortuous route:- smaller buses

How should we improve our walking & cycling routes?

  • Have dedicated cycle routes.
  • Enforce cycling etiquette especially on the High Street, dismounting for pedestrians on the pavement etc.
  • Village circular walk including historical information on the village and surrounding area.

How can we improve the traffic in the village?

  • Traffic busy on the Barford road, which is only a country lane – now joined with traffic from the Milton Road,
  • Reduce speed limit to 20MPH, Restrict HGV access, improve public transport.
  • Reduce speed limit on the A361, ensure camera works.
  • Build a by-pass for benefit for Bloxham and South Newington, forward thinking -20years!
  • Cycle route lanes
  • Pedestrian crossing/ lights at junction Courtington lane & A361, allow mums to cross in safety.
  • Far more stringent measures re: – parking outside shops & village houses.
  • Create more shops in areas of high density population within the village but away off A361, this would reduce need to use a vehicle and lower carbon footprint.
  • Better parking by the shops, use green space opposite Bloxham School.

ENVIRONMENT – Type of Housing Required

  • High spec, large rooms, stone built, plenty of parking for 2-3 cars, green space & wide roads.
  • Sympathetically built houses in line with original conservation “look”
  • Low cost housing built to reflect the rest of the village.
  • Social Housing for local people.

What do you value most about our local natural environment?

  • Green space, farming, Agriculture, this village is still rural.
  • The quiet and peace!
  • Green space, cycleway and local walks.
  • That it is both physically & visibly accessible from within the village e.g. view of green fields & trees on Hobb hill from A 361, Courtington Lane, and Tadmarton Hill etc; do not build on Hobb Hill ever.

What problems could be created by Local businesses?

  • More traffic of both cars and heavier goods vehicles.
  • Reduced parking for residents.
  • Increased pressure on A361 and current shops.

Planning Process in 2012

Cherwell District Council (CDC) are preparing their Local Plan and should have it ready for public consultation by April 2012. It is hoped that the final Local Plan produced by CDC will reflect the concerns raised by Bloxham.

In line with its responsibilities CDC is also producing guidelines for Parish Councils in formulating their own Neighbourhood Development Plans, these should be available in February 2012.

Once Bloxham Parish Council has had an opportunity to study the guidelines it will host another meeting to gauge the interest and support for Bloxham’s own Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Neighbourhood Development Plans are important to residents of the village: – A local plan should, at least, provide a means to assess/demonstrate the viability of any further housing development in the village, notably:-

By showing the lack of capacity for extra intake of pupils to either the primary or secondary school.

Having input to the design of new buildings, and material used.

Ensuring Local housing needs are accommodated, e.g. sheltered housing, houses for life, starter homes.

This is an important issue. If Residents and Businesses operating in Bloxham wish to have a voice then there needs to be commitment towards the development of a robust Neighbourhood Development Plan to complement and build on our existing Parish Plan.

Notice of a further meeting will be published in the Broadsheet (both paper and Website) the Parish Council’s website and village notice Boards. A further meeting will be held following the publication of Cherwell District Council Local Plan, possibly May/June 2012 this will allow for any views expressed to be fed back into the CDC Local Plan.

(Jenny Yates Bloxham Parish Council).

Neighborhood Planning Open House


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