Follow-up Meeting 5th March


The Parish Council committed to going ahead with a Plan in December 2011 arranging a meeting at which we made our first attempt at identifying key issues within the village that might contribute to our plan.
Given that neither the Localism Act nor the National Planning Policy Framework (NPFF) existed at this stage and that it seemed inevitable that the neighbourhood plan would essentially be an extension of the CDC Local Plan it was decided to focus primarily on resource gathering until the emergence of the NPPF ( March 2012) and the draft Local Plan ( late August 2012 ) at which point the Parish Council shifted up a gear meeting with CDC on the matter and organising another whole village meeting to focus upon wider involvement of the whole village.

The notes below represent a concise summary of the ideas submitted this meeting.
They haven’t been evaluated or prioritised in any way with regard to their legality, feasibility or desirability.
A further meeting has been arranged for March 5th for all those who offered to help out with the plan. (You should have already had an email from the Parish Clerk.) More details about that meeting will be published in a day or so.

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1. Utilities – including broadband

  • Faster broadband x 5
  • Better water pressure x 2
  • Electrical supply – reliability x 2
  • Drainage at house level
  • Mobile phone coverage x 4
  • Mobile phone mast in village but where ?
  • Better village hall
  • Street lights
  • Reduce overhead cabling
  • Alternative energy

2. Business and economy – including farming

  • Hi-speed broadband
  • Allotments
  • Parking inc school
  • Local food production – retain and encourage
  • Jobs
  • Grown local
  • Access to grants for SME (small businesses)
  • Electrical supply
  • Location of shopping area – not on main road (Deddington) and not in housing area
  • Small business zone on edge of village – encourage
  • Support for small business – meetings, knowledge, etc.
  • Farmers market – farmers involved in community and encouraging locally grown

3. Crime and reduction

  • Increase neighbourhood watch
  • Visible increase in police teams
  • Handling of local crime
  • Street lighting – more / less / maintain current levels
  • Village police office / post
  • Village ‘bobby’
  • Maintain the low level of crime
  • Hidden cams and CCTV

4. Housing and landscape

  • More in keeping with village landscape / streetscape
  • No more BRICK houses
  • Really affordable – low earners and young
  • Affordable housing and benefits from developers improving parking in and around Tadmarton Rd.
  • Better design
  • No ugly play areas
  • What does affordable housing mean?
  • 60% off very expensive is still expensive
  • No more housing lumps on edge of village
  • Eco housing
  • Life time sheltered accommodation
  • Stop expanding boundaries of village
  • Specify in NDP exactly what we want and new houses to look like / density etc
  • NDP reflective of developing existing properties (extensions)
5. Faith
  • St Mary’s
  • Develop all church for wider community use (Christian)
    • Concerts
    • Farmers market
  • Parish council community office
  • Baptist church needs new site
  • Facilities similar to Kings Sutton
  • Memorial hall
    • Mums and tots
    • Sports
    • Café
    • Library
    • Catering
    • Support – I think !
    • Start a village and community event. (BloxFest!)

6. Communication

  • For a village the size of Bloxham we should aspire to a public library / resource centre rather than relying on a library van
  • All data regarding the plan should be stored in the cloud
  • Faster broadband
  • No mobile phone signal – Tadmarton Road
  • A library with a warm welcome – opportunity to socialise

7. Traffic and transport

  • Introduce a toll road to push HGV around village
  • Better bus service inc. Banbury and Oxford
  • Cycle path to Banbury
  • Circular footpath would be good – esp. Grove road to Milton road clearly marked
  • Limit the size of lorries going through the village
  • Inset parking by shops to aid the traffic flow
  • High volume of traffic
  • Footpath to Banbury
  • Speed control on Tadmarton Road by primary school
  • Develop a effective ‘snow plan’ for the village – local tractor?
  • Deliveries outside of rush hour for shops
  • Pedestrian crossing on A361 where really needed, church, surgeries, Godswell, nursery etc.
  • Road humps or traffic calming on Barford Road to slow traffic before roundabout
  • Please no speed humps!
  • A bypass
  • Cannot park in front of my home during school hours on Tadmarton Rd
  • 20mph speed limits
  • An island outside the church in middle of road
  • Traffic calming for school
  • Proper layby for parking outside shops
  • Fix potholes.
  • Identify drivers speeding and or using mobile phones
  • More parking at Warriner to stop blocking driveway to Chipperfield Rd

8, Conservation and architecture

  • Establish a community orchard / market garden / School perhaps
  • Houses with a sense of place
  • Density of houses
  • Conserve farmland in village
  • Maintain our rural identity
  • Use Cherwell’s assessment of conservation areas -> Bloxham
  • Help maintain historic homes and buildings in Bloxham
    • Support for those living in them
    • Respect for conservation area
    • Re-establish this conservation area and protect it
    • Stop parking on grass verges
  • Develop Slade Reserve for community projects; Green Gym, New wildlife habitats, etc.
  • Forest schools – primary school involvement
  • Appropriate materials for any new build – Not the hideous red / orange brick seen on estates
  • Maintain the ambience and character of the village
  • Play areas in new estates are not in keeping
  • New appropriate designs
  • Retain the pubs for the community
  • Allotments and community parks

9. Medical and health

  • Dispensing from the surgery x 6
  • Maintain current good provision
  • Pharmacy should be maintained – what would go in its place
  • Long walk from surgery to pharmacy esp. for elderly
  • Difficult to get appointment – long waiting
  • Emergency support (local) – should we lose the HGH

10. Education

  • Input from Bloxham (public) school – contribute to village and community
  • Buy land to expand the primary school and provide more parking space
  • Promote the ‘walking bus’
  • Mini bus around Bloxham for the schools ?
  • Consider ways the school facilities can be used for the wider community – eg. Library and farm at Warriner School
  • Traffic – Courtington Lane and Tadmarton Rd
  • Passing places to help
  • Schools to operate Forest School
  • Crossing for primary school on Tadmarton Lane
  • Bigger school play grounds and car park
  • More inter-school partnerships, and community
  • More publicity for school events

11. Flood and sewage

  • What is current capacity
  • Decent water pressure
  • Do we need a new pumping station
  • Upgrade ditches to prevent surface water flooding
  • Keep the drains clear
  • Danger of future flooding from known water holding areas
  • Lower the depth of the stream – under bridges a priority
  • Create balancing ponds also great for wildlife
  • Surface water in foul water drainage, Tadmarton Rd did not flood after highways cleared the pipes under road

12. Recreation, Leisure inc Mums & Tots

  • Develop Recreation Ground
  • Tennis Courts
  • Kissing gates to replace stiles
  • More ‘Slade’ type nature reserves for the community
  • Cycle routes to Banbury
  • Skate Park
  • Maintain Jubilee Park & Recreation Ground with improved drainage
  • A decent community play area like the one at Steeple Aston. Not within a development but communal funded by grants & developments
  • Completely re-develop Recreation Ground with picnic benches, new play equipment etc (existing equipment been there for many years)
  • Redevelopment of Re – we need a Steeple Aston type of Park
  • Re-establish a village fete/event
  • Start Farmers market
  • Please, much better (more exciting) play areas
  • Evening classes/weekend classes at the Warriner for adults Or ask Bloxham School to contribute to the village in this way
  • A Tennis Club on Jubilee field
  • All weather pitch for use by football club/Warriner school
  • Start a Cricket club for young children and adults
  • Swimming pool at Warriner (repair?)
  • County park
  • Allotments for residents
  • More clubs for other sports such as Rugby, Hockey, Netball etc for children and adults

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