Housing and Disability Discrimination Act 2005

Housing_DisabilityThose public bodies who are subject to specific duties must publish a Disability Equality Scheme demonstrating how they intend to fulfill their Disability Equality Duties.
The essential elements which the Scheme must cover are:
· a statement of how disabled people have been involved in developing the scheme
· an action plan
· arrangements for gathering information about performance of the public body on disability equality
· details of how the authority is going to use the information gathered, particularly in reviewing the effectiveness of its action plan and preparing subsequent schemes.
· arrangements for assessing the impact of activities on disability equality.

The Disability Equality Scheme must be published. It can be contained within other documents, such as an annual report or equality strategy, but it is essential that  disabled people (and other interested parties) know where to find it and that the essential elements of the scheme are in one place. It must of course be accessible to disabled people.

You can download a copy of the booklet explaining responsibilities here.

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