Housing Choices and Aspirations of Older People

HousingOlderPeopleThis report was commissioned by Communities and Local Government to inform the development of the strategy for housing in an ageing society. Karen Croucher, Research
Fellow at the University of York, presents the fi ndings from a series of discussion groups held across England with a range of older people and those who will be retiring over the
coming decade and a half.
The report vividly captures their experiences, views and aspirations as they talk about their future housing intentions.
The picture that emerges is highly complex, with many factors infl uencing everyday decisions about housing,
from family and neighbours, to the neighbourhood and the suitability of the home to meet changing needs. This report should be a valuable reference point for those of us in central, regional and local government – and beyond – who are entrusted with planning the homes and neighbourhoods we will all be living in as we age both individually and as a society.

You can download it from here.

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