GP waiting times in Bloxham

Bloxham surgery receives high ratings on most criteria for the quality of its service and it’s hard to find people with a bad word to say about the doctors, nurses or support team. Nonetheless the  pre-publication consultation carried out earlier this year contained numerous comments about worsening waiting times for doctor appointments at Bloxham surgery – but is this fact or just a “NIMBY moan?”

The GP Patient Survey is available online and they report a range of data including waiting time to book a GP appointments.  The data for the  GP Patient Survey  is not in an especially friendly format but in order to try and separate fact from fiction we have persevered with it.

The historical trend in Bloxham was, until recently,  one of improving quick access to services however the most recent figures reveal a sharp drop in the number gaining same-day or next day appointments.

Given the rapidly expanding population and the national  inability to attract new GPs (or even retain the ones we have) none of this is surprising.  What is worrying is that this situation does not yet include provision for the three new estates that already have permission and will swell house numbers by around 25% or over 500 extra people.

We conclude that the consultation comments are NOT a NIMBY moan but yet another piece of evidence that Bloxham is being pushed way beyond the capacity of its supporting infrastructure.

Year 2012 2013 2014 2015
Same or next day 46 48 53 40



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