Which field next? The updated SHLAA

If you think it’s too late to bother with a Neighbourhood Plan because the recent appeals have been granted the only thing we can say is – take a look at the map below!

While many Bloxham  residents have been making the  the mistake of looking for common sense, logic and rationality  in the recent ‘Pickles decisions’  Cherewll District Council has been busy putting together the updated Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment or SHLAA.  This shows land around Bloxham that landowners have indicated they would be willing to consider for development – so

The driving force behind all this is, of course, money.   The money to be made when agricultural land at around £10,000 acre becomes development land at around £1.3 million pounds per acre.

Here is the map of the fields CDC have down to consider for further development. The yellow fields are ones that could become housing estates if we don’t keep going on the Plan.


If you are interested to read the SHLAA documents then you can download them from the links below but – be warned – they are lengthy documents.

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