Design Statements


Village Design Statements are an important tool for helping to protect the character of our village  in terms of sensitive design.

They are a practical tool to help influence decisions on design and development.

A good Village Design Statemenrl will provide a statement of the character of  the village against which planning applications may be assessed.  For larger villages like Bloxham this may need to relate to specific areas of the village

It can set out how planned development should be carried out to produce a harmonious effectcontributing to, rather than detracting from the local environment.

It is likely to include things such as appropriate housing density, style and materials.

South Northants Council have design statements for many of their villages that can be accessed as item 5 here.

  •  Enabling communities to analyse and define the value of their local environment
  • Acting as a tool for assessing the local character of an area
  • Guiding smaller changes (“permitted development”)
  • If  adopted by Cherwell Planning as a supplementary planning document (SPD) it can be used by planning officers in determining applications.


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