CDC Playing Pitches Strategy

This is an undated document but seems tohave been created in 2008.
It presents an analysis of the availability and need for playing pitches in the Cherwell district including the North.
You can download a copy by clicking here.

Playing Pitch Strategy Background Document July 2008
There is a detailed background paper with much more information about how the data is arrived at. Given inconsistencies in the CDC spaces documents for Bloxham it might be worth taking a look at the relevant parts of this. You can download it by clicking here.

The ‘pitch supply’ for Bloxham appears as:

  • Bloxham Primary School Tadmarton Rd., Bloxham 1 Junior Football
  • Bloxham Recreation Ground South Newington Rd., Bloxham 1 Junior Football, 1 Mini-Soccer, 1 Cricket
  • Jubilee Park Barley Close, Bloxham 2 Adult Football 1 Mini-Soccer
  • Warriner School Banbury Rd., Bloxham OX15 4LJ 1 Cricket

The background document indicates how to calculate the pitch demand which they use to calculate deficits across North Cherwell.
We need to do this for just the Bloxham area.

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