CDC Green Spaces Strategy 2008 – 16

A document setting out the policy, the data and future needs.
You can download a copy by clicking here.

e.g. The following is taken from ther document:

Green Spaces Strategy Background Document July 2008
There is a detailed background paper with much more information about how the data is arrived at that can be downloaded by clicking here. Given inconsistencies in the CDC spaces documents for Bloxham it might be worth taking a look at the relevant parts of this. You can download it by clicking here

There is much that is confusing about these documents. E.g. Definitions of amenity greenspace

– In rural areas, 0.75 ha. per 1,000 people (equivalent to highest levels of provision in rural parts of the district at present). • Quality: ‘A clean and well-maintained green space site with well kept grass and varied vegetation and large enough to accommodate informal play. Sites should have appropriate ancillary facilities (benches, litter bins) and landscaping in the right places, providing a spacious outlook and overall enhancing the appearance of the local environment’.

The verge on the bend of the derestriction zone on the Barford Rd and opposite the Bloxham Mill entrance (Area 482) provides a pleasant soft-edge to theis village gateway but has no facilities and most people would consider it too dangerous for a play area is counted as an amenity greenspace ?
The space 478 on the busy Tadmarton Road is also labelled an amenity greenspace. Well – I guess it does have a seat!


Areas 473 and 474 are mapped as outdoor sports facilities but are private property with no public access. Likewise Area 466 which is Warriner Playing fields with clear no public access notices. However – despite being mapped they appear not to be included in the calculated greenspaces.

There are issues such as the fact that because we are clumped together with Bodicote (who have a generous number of allotments) Bloxham is deemed to have an adequate supply of allotments!

We probably need to do our own careful survey of what green spaces Bloxham really has.

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