CDC Community Space Provision – Updated 2006


You can download a copy of this from here.

Readers will need to check how it compares with the content of the 2011 Planning Obligations booklet which has a section covering similar ground.

The 2006 document takes you though the different types of spaces:
The Council endorses the NPFA’s approach of seeking the provision of a hierarchy of three distinct types of play areas to cater for the needs of different age groups, namely:

  • LAPS (Local Areas for Play) aimed at children up to 6 year olds
  • LEAPS (Local Equipped Areas for Play) aimed at 4 – 8 year olds and
  • NEAPS (Neighbourhood Equipped Areas for Play) aimed at 8 year olds and upwards.

On larger residential developments provision will be required for teenagers as part of the NEAP. The provision for teenagers could be in the form of multi use games areas (MUGAs), hard surfaced areas for ball games or wheeled activities and youth shelters where they can meet and socialise. The Council will, where possible, encourage consultation with teenagers over the nature of provision to be made for them.
Each play area will comprise an ‘activity area’ in which the play features/equipment are sited and a ‘buffer zone’  etc etc

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