Bloxham Green Spaces – Part 2

Please read Bloxham Spaces Part 1 first.

What are the Relevant documents?

CDC Green Spaces Strategy 2008 – 16
CDC Open Space Update 2011
Open space update – appendix 3 part 1
Green Spaces Strategy Background Document July 2008
CDC Playing Pitches Strategy
Playing Pitches Strategy & Background Document 2008

What’s the situation for Bloxham?

Extracting an overview from these CDC  documents is proving a challenge which I’m trying to sort with them.

  • Spaces are given a numbered ID but the documents containing the numbers are not necessarily accompanied by maps or clear descriptions.
  • Values (such as areas in ha) are sometimes provided but in other cases just pitch descriptions (e.g. mini-soccer)
  • Values quoted come at three different levels:
    • Some data is simply quoted for the rural north (comprising 19,000 people and incorporates – Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote,  Cropredy, Hook Norton, Sibford, Wroxton)
    • Other data is for Bloxham and Bodicote combined
    • Some data is at Parish level for Bloxham
  • The choice of spaces included by CDC or their consultants  doubtless has a logic but appears a bit random!
    •  Many spaces are private land with  very limited or no access. (E.g. Warriner and Bloxham School sports fields.)
    • Bloxham and Bodicote are said to have no shortage of allotments – but Bloxham has none!
    • Describing a wider than average  verge  next to a busy road as an amenity area seems somewhat odd!

The Table below is a first attempt to compile a dataset for Bloxham including spaces that CDC have seen fit to mention – please use the comments box to suggest errors or omissions.

You can download the photos and maps here  pdf_Logo.

Type of Space Description Area (ha) Comment View Map
1. Parks and gardens None 0
2. Natural and semi-natural green space Bloxham Nature Reserve  2.04  Near Hyde Grove  Click Map
3. Amenity green space Barford Road Amenity Greenspace (482) 0.20 The wide road verge between Gascoigne Way and Mawle Close! Click  Map
Cumberford Close Amenity Greenspace 478) 0.07 This is a small patch of grass with a seat Click Map
Gascoigne Way Amenity Greenspace (481) 0.24 Bloxham Park Green Click  Map
Greenhills Park Amenity Greenspace (479) 0.07 Green area where road forks Click Map
The Avenue Amenity Greenspace (477) 0.10 Green area at junction The Avenue and Courtington Lane Click  Map
?? Bloxham Driving Range 2 (596) 0.11
Bloxham School Playing Field (468) 1.98 At entrance to Bloxham School Click  Map
Bloxham School Sports Centre Pitches (470) 2.24 Side of Dewey Sports Centre / back of Jubilee Click Map
Bloxham School Playing Fields (474) 1.3 LittleBridge Rd – Courtington Lane –  Painters Close Click Map
Bloxham Recreation Ground Tennis Courts (729) 0.1  Warriner Tennis Courts      xx Click Map
Bloxham Driving Range (473) 3.57 Looks like Bloxham Sch Sports area near Hobb Hill on maps?xx Click Map
4. Provision for children/youths Bridges CloseDrive  Click Map
Ayres Drive 2 Map
Aldous Drive Click Map
Recreation Ground Play Area Click   Map
 Jubilee Play Area  Click  Map
5. Outdoor sports facilities Bloxham Primary School Tadmarton Rd. 1 Junior Football  Map
Bloxham Recreation Ground (483)  1.68 1 Junior Football
1 Mini-Soccer
1 Cricket
 Click  Map
Bloxham Jubilee Park Barley Close (469)  2.01 2 Adult Football
1 Mini-Soccer
 Click  Map
Warriner School Playing Fields (466)  5.57  Click  Map
6. Allotments and community gardens
7. Cemeteries and churchyards St. Mary’s Church, Bloxham (475)  0.79  Churchyard  Click  Map
St. Mary’s Church, Bloxham  (476) 0.92  Cemetary  Click  Map
8. Green corridors
9. Civic spaces  0

You can read a printable summary of this  here    pdf_Logo.

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