Final Consultation ends 22nd Jan 2016

The Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan is going through a final eight-week period of consultation organised by Cherwell District Council. It then goes to an examiner and – if approved – to a village referendum.

In a nutshell?

  • Residents, developers and landowners can comment upon the submission version of the neighbourhood plan.
  • The comments will go to the person who examines the plan. They have to form a judgement as to whether we are taking our fair share of the 1504 new dwellings Cherwell says should be going into 36 sustainable villages.
  • Sustainable places have good infrastructure: i.e. good: jobs, school capacity, transport & highways, pedestrian walkways cycleways, recreation facilities and a valued sense of place, character and community.
  • The neighbourhood plan takes a hard look at Bloxham infrastructure and – taking account of the impact of major development already permitted (Policy BL1) but not yet built – concludes only minor further development (Policy BL2) is appropriate if we are to preserve the character of the village and, most importantly, avoid unsustainable outcomes by exceeding the capacity of our already stretched infrastructure.
  • What do you think about these and other policies? You can write or email your comments but they need to relate directly to the Policies in the Plan.


Where can I see the Plan documents?

  1. All the Plan documents, along with a response form, are available to download here on the Neighbourhood Planning section of the Cherwell District Council (CDC) website. The important ones are also at the bottom of this page.
  2. You can see a paper copy of the Plan at Bodicote House, Bloxham Mill, the doctors’ surgery and Bloxham Pharmacy.

When must I respond?

  • Between 27th November 2015 and 22nd January 2016

Consult Dates

How can I respond?

  • You can download a response form from the Cherwell DC website or by clicking here.
  • If you prefer then its fine to make your comments in a simple letter or email.

To whom do I respond?

  • Email responses, which may include an attached response form or letter, go to
  • Paper responses should be sent to
    • Planning Policy, Cherwell District Council. Bodicote House, Banbury OX15 4AA.

What information must my response include?

Whether you use the Cherwell D.C. response form or just write a letter or email check that you have included all the information below:

YOUR DETAILS Full Name(s). Contact information: Address, Postcode / Email.
FOR EACH COMMENT – Which Plan Policy No. the comment refers to.
OTHER -If you want CDC to keep you informed of the plan progress please say so .

What should I comment upon?

Your comments will be considered by the examiner. A key aspect of their task is to assess whether our plan policies mean that Bloxham will contribute an appropriate share to the sustainable development projected for villages within the Cherwell Local Plan.

We recommend you read the Bloxham Sustainability Report – possibly focusing on pages 23-28 – before making your comments.


BDN_Plan BND_SustRep PolicySummary CDC_Response Form
Plan Sustainability Report Policy Numbers
CDC Response Form

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