Oxfordshire Local Transport Plan 2011 -2030

OxonLOcalTransportPlan_2011_30A set of 9 objectives forming the basis for actions in delivering this Plan:
Improve the condition of local roads, footways and cycleways, including resilience to climate change

  • Reduce congestion
  • Reduce casualties and the dangers associated with travel
  • Improve accessibility to work, education and services
  • Secure infrastructure and services to support development
  • Reduce carbon emissions from transport
  • Improve air quality, reduce other environmental impacts and enhance the street environment
  • Develop and increase the use of high quality, welcoming public transport
  • Develop and increase cycling and walking for local journeys, recreation and health

Interesting policy statements include:

Policy RE1
Oxfordshire County Council will work to reduce the environmental impact of its operation of the transport network and promote the use of less environmentally damaging forms of transport, particularly in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Conservation Areas.

Policy RE2
Oxfordshire County Council will ensure that the operation of the transport network balances the protection of the local environment with efficient and effective access for freight and distribution.

Policy RS1
Oxfordshire County Council will develop an updated road safety strategy to reduce the number of road accident casualties, once the national strategic framework for road safety has been announced, focusing on high risk locations and groups and promoting responsible use of the road and driver behaviour.

It would be interesting to know how a road like the A361 through Bloxham, and especially through South Newington, fit with it being a key route in the strategic road network.
Certainly walking from the mini-roundabout to the museum one is very alert to the prospect of being decapitated by the endless 40 ton plus lorries and anyone who doesn’t have their heart in their mouth taking some of those blind bends in South Newington that simply cannot accommodate both an HGV and a car is clearly in need of a hazard awareness course.

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