Rights of Way Circular (1/09)


The information, dated October 2009, contained in this circular is applicable only within England. You can download it by clicking here.
The circular gives advice to local authorities on recording, managing and maintaining, protecting and changing public rights of way.
In many areas, rights of way help to boost tourism and contribute to rural economies. They can also provide a convenient means of travelling, particularly for short journeys, in both rural and urban areas. They are important in the daily lives of many people who use them for fresh air and exercise on bicycle, on foot, on horseback or in a horse-drawn vehicle, to walk the dog, to improve their fitness, or to visit local shops and other facilities. Local authorities should regard public rights of way as an integral part of the complex of recreational and transport facilities within their area.

This advice and guidance sets out Defra‟s policy on public rights of way and its view of the law. It does not take the place of the legislation, but seeks to give an overview of it within a policy context.

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